Take Advantage of Our Award-Winning, Comprehensive Auction Marketing Services

Auction services

  • Farm Real Estate Auctions
  • Transitional Land Auctions
  • Farm Equipment Auction
  • Residential Auctions
  • Lake Property Auctions
  • Estate & Antique Auctions & Settlement
  • Industrial/Commercial Auctions
  • Appraisal Services

Our marketing plan

The aggressive Schrader team is equipped to conduct all types of real estate and personal property auctions efficiently and successfully. From land, homes, estates and antiques to large farm equipment auctions, we are prepared to offer you a thorough auction service from pre-auction counseling, auction inventory itemization, complete marketing, and auction set up through all auction-day activities and settlement. We take care of all the details for you.

Effective Pre-Auction Advertising

Our in-house graphics department creates national award-winning brochures and camera-ready advertisements. Our unique and comprehensive marketing exposes your auction to a large number of buyers in a short period of time.

Schrader’s Proprietary Mailing Lists

We have established mailing lists of prospective buyers for various types of real estate auctions. With Schrader’s compiled mailing lists, your auction will reach many buyers with minimal cost.

Internet Advertising

Through the traffic generated by Schrader’s website, you reach thousands of potential buyers with minimal cost. We also use social media, third party websites, and our local MLS to generate additional traffic to your auction web page.

The Mobile Auction Office

Our state-of-the-art mobile auction office is totally equipped to handle your sale. We offer computerized registration, clerking, and checkout for a seamless transaction with a multitude of buyers. We can instantly print and provide the seller with sales reports that show the sale price for each item and the auction total during and at the close of an auction.